Good Ways to Beat Bloating

If you’ve gone overboard at a family dinner or work party, you may feel painfully full or be suffering with trapped gas. While there are many long-term solutions to avoid this problem, here are a few quick fixes that can ease your discomfort.

Peppermint Tea

Long hailed as the best tea for bloating, peppermint tea is full of flavonoids and oils, which reduce bloating by relaxing the gut and relieving any resulting spasms and cramps. It also helps manage the bacteria in your digestive tract.


While ginger is known to battle nausea, it can also beat the bloat. Consuming ginger in any form after a large meal can reduce intestinal gas and bloating. It will also help your digestion and tastes great.

Stay Hydrated

Bloating and constipation can often be caused by a lack of fluids in your body. Your body needs liquids to process food. You should drink six cups of water or fluid every day. Try to avoid carbonated drinks, as their bubbles can lead to more bloating and discomfort.

Go for a Walk

A quick walk or jog may not seem like the logical solution, but physical activity can both aid digestion and help your bowels to get moving. Even a brief walk or flurry of activity can work wonders for your mood and your cramps.

Use Gas Relief Tablets

Trapped gas is a major source of discomfort when bloated or full. Over the counter antacid tablets, as well as anti-bloating Simethicone medication, can provide immediate relief.

Try a Massage

If you give yourself a thorough abdominal massage, you can alleviate a lot of intestinal discomfort and help release trapped gas. Just be sure to follow the path of your large intestine, for maximum effectiveness.

Slow Down

The best way to manage bloating after eating is prevention. Manage your portions, don’t eat too fast, and take the time to savor your meal.

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