Fuel Your Morning With These Healthy Breakfast Options

People who consume a healthy breakfast get more vital nutrients to start their day than non-breakfast eaters. But what makes a breakfast healthy? Two essential nutrients a breakfast should have are fiber and protein. This will ensure you remain satiated and full until lunchtime. A healthy breakfast needs antioxidants, vitamins, and either a veg or fruit. Also, it’s better to include less refined carbs or added sugar.

For some healthy, tasty breakfast options, read on.

Salmon and Scrambled Eggs

A slice of whole-grain bread with salmon and scrambled eggs is a healthy breakfast that will support your brain function, give you energy, and leave you feeling full. The scrambled eggs are packed with protein, and the salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for your heart.

Green Smoothie

Add greens, protein powder, flax and chia seeds, and nut butter for a filling green smoothie. The fruit and veg give you fiber, the nut butter is a healthy fat, and protein from the protein powder is important for building and repairing your bones and muscles.

Oatmeal With Nut Butter and Fruit

There are good reasons why a bowl of oats is a popular breakfast choice. It’s satiating, filling thanks to the high fiber content, and very nutritious. The fiber in oatmeal is insoluble, and it helps to lower your blood glucose and decrease your risk of getting diabetes or heart disease.

Avocado Toast With Eggs

Packed full of nutrients and taste, when paired with eggs, this creamy, crunchy breakfast option can help decrease LDL cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of getting heart disease or having a stroke. They also have a lot of fiber, keeping you full.

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