Foods You Eat That Contain Too Much Salt

Foods That Contain Too Much Salt

Even though we need salt to survive, everyday foods can contain too much of this precious mineral. Excessive salt, specifically sodium, can even cause hypertension, or high blood pressure, which can be deadly in the long run. Below, you can find some foods with way too much sodium content.


Bread isn’t salty by taste, but it adds up when you eat several slices a day. Dinner rolls and French baguettes contain more sodium to achieve a richer flavor. Thus, it would be best if you cut back on bread.


Whether they are potato chips or tortilla chips, all of them are made salty. The high sodium content isn’t just for taste but to preserve them for longer. A serving, which may be less than a typical bag in the market, is enough to fulfill a third of the daily recommended intake of 1,500 milligrams.


While the pizza dough itself has some salt, cheese is the main culprit here. You should have around half of your daily salt intake when you eat two slices. Behind bread, it’s the leading contributor of salt in the diet.

Canned Soups

While a homemade soup can be seasoned to taste, canned soups are usually packed with salt for taste. Even sauces aren’t immune to this. Generally, you should avoid these foods as they aren’t nutrient-rich.

Cutting Back From Salt

Other foods also contain more salt, but it would be too long to include them. That said, you can still look for low-sodium alternatives if possible.

Moderated sodium intake will benefit your health in the long run, and the human body needs table salt to function, so total elimination isn’t a good idea.

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