Foods That Cause Hyperglycaemia

High blood sugar is not a condition that should be taken for granted. It has many unhealthy side effects and can eventually lead to diabetes. There are ways to manage high blood sugar, and making changes in your diet is a good starting point. There are some foods, however, you should try to avoid.

Deep-Fried Foods

Deep-fried foods are full of trans fats, which makes them one of the worst food choices that increase blood glucose levels. Trans fats can cause insulin resistance and, according to research, increase the risk of diabetes. Additionally, they may cause the development of type 2 diabetes, weight gain, and high cholesterol.

Fruit Yogurts

Even though they may seem like a healthy dessert, fruit yogurts are loaded with sugar. A good alternative would be Greek yogurt which is rich in protein, topped with some fresh fruits and seeds.

Bad Carbs

White bread, potato chips, white rice, and similar foods have a high glycemic index and, therefore, increase blood sugar levels. However, pairing them with some foods that are high in fiber and protein will decrease their impact on blood glucose.

Avoid Candy Altogether

Any type of candy will make blood sugar levels skyrocket. For this reason, they should not be eaten until glucose levels reach a lower range.

Honey and Agave

Although they make a healthier alternative to white and brown sugar, these natural sweeteners still cause spikes in blood glucose. The glycemic index ranks foods from 1-100 according to how quickly they increase blood glucose. Honey ranks with an index almost as high as that of sugar. For this reason, zero-calorie stevia is a far better choice.

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