Don’t Eat These 20 Foods if You Have Arthritis

Don’t Eat These 20 Foods if You Have Arthritis

The term “Arthritis” refers to a group of more than 100 variants and their related conditions. It can cause pain, reduced range of motion, and more. To prevent it from worsening, here are 20 foods to avoid.

High-Sodium Meals

Frozen dinners are packed with salt, which contains sodium. While we need it, the corticosteroids arthritis patients use can retain too much.

Vegetable Oils

Some oils like sunflower, canola, and corn oil contain a lot of Omega-6 but too little Omega-3 acids. This imbalance can worsen arthritis symptoms.


Sodas contain excessive amounts of sugar and induce inflammation, the primary indicator of arthritis. Even if you don’t have it, drinking soda daily significantly increases your risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

White Rice

This staple food is a refined carbohydrate, and once processed, it increases blood sugar levels. Inflammation thrives on extra sugar, making whole grains a healthier alternative.


Pretzels are often too salty and addictive, a potent combination for people with arthritis.

Baked Confections

Sweet confections contain everything arthritic patients should avoid, such as partially hydrogenated oils, sugar, and more. The trans fats within the oil are also linked to inflammation.


Margarine is mostly trans fats, which are prime causes of increased inflammation.


All processed meats like sausages contain advanced glycation end products. These are also linked to inflammation, just like trans fats.

Ice Cream

The saturated fats and sugar content in ice cream are a combo for inflammation.

Fruit Juices With High Sugar Content

Some juices contain high amounts of sugar and can cause inflammation, making arthritis worse.

Full-Fat Cheeses

These cheeses already trigger heart disease with their saturated fats, but they also increase the risks of inflammation.

Refined Sugar

Sugar is vital for health, but refined sugar is always present within foods in high amounts. You’re better off eating fruit and vegetables for a healthier source of daily sugar intake.


Instead of eliminating all sodium from your diet, you should carefully limit your salt intake to 2,300mg per day unless your doctor states otherwise.


Some members of the human population don’t digest milk well, which can even cause inflammation. In this case, replacing milk with yogurt or kefir to counteract the inflammation will work better.

Fried Dishes

Fried foods in moderation are acceptable, but too much will result in consuming too much Omega-6 fatty acids, especially when fried in vegetable oils.

French Fries

The oils used to fry these snacks are full of unhealthy fatty acids. Oven-baked fries are okay, especially if you’re using carrots or sweet potatoes.

Canned Fruit Containing Syrup

The syrup is liquid sugar, and consuming it triggers your body to release cytokines. These proteins have been connected to increased inflammation risks as well.


If you have arthritis, you should avoid eating candy. Its sugar content can worsen arthritis symptoms.

White Flour

White flour suppresses prostaglandin E3, which helps fight inflammation and protect your brain.


While tasty, pizza contains loads of saturated fat, especially cheese. It can even lead to heart disease.

Eat Other Foods Instead

Even though you might enjoy having these foods and drinks, they’re not suitable for arthritis patients. The inflammation can become intense and worsen your symptoms. Better safe than sorry, and we recommend eating a diet that alleviates your arthritis instead.

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