Cancer Signs to Beware Of

The late Kirstie Alley, of Cheers and Look Who’s Talking fame, passed away of cancer at the age of 71. Today, cancer death rates are increasing with no proof they’re stopping. While no cancer is a simple fight, detecting these signs can help make an immense difference.

Cancer Signs

Cancers can produce symptoms that don’t appear to be a sign of these deadly diseases, but it’s still important to take note of them. For example, even something seemingly benign can be proof of cancer, even if it seems to be a symptom of another sickness or disease.

One sign is unwanted weight loss. If a person’s weight drops noticeably despite maintaining a consistent diet and exercise regimen, it can be a sign of disease. Cancer is one such issue, but losing weight can also be a symptom of depression or heart problems.

Sudden bleeding can be another issue, such as discovering blood on toilet paper or inside the toilet bowl. This may be an indicator of wounds or signs of GI tract cancers, and some have found the latter to be the case.

Others find blood clots in the legs but dismiss them. While they can be random and harmless occurrences, persistent clotting may be a symptom of cancer. The same goes for fevers and chills.

Always Be Vigilant

Cancers form when some of the trillions of cells in the body mutate due to mistakes in cell division. While we all have cancer cells most of the time, these are usually microscopic and die after the immune system locates and destroys them.

Symptoms occur when cancers manage to get ongoing nutrition from the blood supply. These signs may not always reveal cancer, but no one should ignore persistent physical problems. You can never be too careful, especially when you’re getting advanced in years.

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