Can This TikTok Hack Really Make Your Hair Longer?

It seems to take forever for hair to grow. The wait can seem especially long if you are desperate to grow out those ill-advised bangs. According to TikTok, you may be able to ditch that hat sooner than you thought. This rice water hack may give you those flowing locks in no time. Here’s how you can use rice water for longer tresses.

It’s an Ancient Tradition

Washing hair with rice water is a practice that dates back to 1185 CE. Women in Japan and China have been using this remedy for centuries to maintain beautiful, floor-length hair. According to believers in this method, rice water leaves the hair sleek and shiny. It is also said to keep the gray out of your locks.

The Rice Water Method

TikToker Isabella Rose uploaded a video demonstrating how to use the rice method for longer hair. She started by cleaning a cup of rice and then adding the grains to a jug of warm water. Rose then sealed the jar and shook it for 30 seconds. 24 hours later, she placed the rice water in a spray bottle and applied it to her locks. The TikToker recommends adding a few drops of essential oils like lavender or rosemary to enrich the water.

Does It Work?

Dermatologist Dr. Robert Finney explains that rice water contains several products that promote hair growth. The antioxidants reduce inflammation while inositol increases the growth phase of hair follicles. It also reduces the friction of the hair strands, which helps them remain strong. Finney says that the rice water mixture has amino acids and other compounds that help hair appear thick and shiny.

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