Best Fat Burning Detox Waters for Weight Loss

Ensuring you’re hydrated by drinking enough water is vital for good health. Water is essential for proper digestion, healthy bowels, organ function, healthy bones, muscles, etc. Hydration is necessary for weight maintenance and loss. Detox waters occasionally have added herbs, fruits, vegetables, or spices to vamp them up and add minerals and vitamins. Water also reduces appetite and increases metabolism.

If you want to try delicious detox waters to add nutrients and help you burn weight, here are some great options.

Blueberry and Lemon

Blueberries have many healthy plant compounds like anthocyanin, a powerful pigment. Anthocyanin is linked to weight management and aids in reducing cardiovascular disease risk and diabetes. Adding lemons to water makes you drink more, which in turn helps you lose weight.

Lemon with Cumin and Lime

You might not fancy adding cumin to flavored water, but you should reconsider, as the combination of cumin and lime has excellent benefits. A study in 2016 showed that people who consumed a high dose of combined cumin and lime for eight weeks had encouraging results with reduced BMI and weight loss. These people also experienced lower LDL cholesterol levels.

Mint and Grapefruit

Mint and grapefruit are a great combination of minerals and vitamins in a glass. Grapefruit is beneficial for weight loss, especially belly fat loss, due to having phytochemicals. Grapefruit alone is a tasty option for detoxing and burning fat, and when combined with mint, you’ll get detoxing minerals and an exciting flavor.

Mint and Watermelon

Adding watermelon to your water can encourage positive fat-burning results. It can also help lower blood pressure and BMI and reduce body weight. Combining watermelon with a sprig or more of mint gives you a healthy, refreshing beverage.

Blackberry and Mint

One of the healthiest fruits, low in sugar and calories and packed full of antioxidants, blackberries may be connected to fat reduction and insulin sensitivity. This makes it a fantastic addition to your water, and throwing in some mint gives it a great flavor.

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