Avoid These Unhealthy Carbs

People associate carbs with bread and pasta, but carbs come in various forms and are the primary energy source for your nervous system. The unhealthiest forms of carbs usually have added sugar, and a high-sugar diet causes issues like high blood pressure and increased blood triglycerides. Healthy carbs should have fiber and no added sugar, and you can check for this on the nutrition label. Carbs can be included in a nutritious diet, but there are some that you should avoid.

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White Bread

Most people can’t resist a bit of fluffy bread, but although it’s tasty, it lacks vital nutrients. White bread usually doesn’t have protein or much fiber; some might even contain added sugar. If you’re feeling like some bread, opt for whole-grain instead of white as it has more protein and important nutrients such as B vitamins and fiber. Be sure to check for that added sugar.


Donuts, muffins, and croissants – who can resist yummy carbs like these? It’s evident that chocolate-filled croissants or glazed donuts have loads of sugar, but you’d be amazed at how much sugar other pastries have. Most commercially baked muffins are packed with added sugar and are very high-fat, making them an unhealthy carb choice. Instead of grabbing the store muffins, bake your own with honey instead of normal sugar and wheat flour.

Sweetened Cereal

There are so many different choices for cereals that it can take time to figure out which is good or bad. The added sugar content is the first thing you should look at when selecting a cereal. If possible, ensure the number is less than 5 grams per serving or closer to zero. Also, choose grains with a minimum of 2 grams of fiber.


Jams and jellies have a high concentration of added sugar. Despite these containing fruits, some brands have large amounts of added sugar by weight instead of natural fruit. These can have 50 calories per tablespoon from the carb content. Instead of store-bought jams, try creating your own with fresh fruit and no sugar.


This option wouldn’t have surprised you as a high source of sugar, but did you know it’s packed full of unhealthy carbs? Aside from the sugar, they have food dyes and coloring, high-calorie counts, and saturated fats. Having a small serving of candy occasionally is fine, but if it’s a daily habit, swap it out with healthier options that’ll still satisfy that sweet tooth.

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