Avoid These Places During the Pandemic

Avoid These Places During the Pandemic

Following the lockdown, people wanted to return to their everyday lives. However, there are certain places you should avoid to minimize your chances of getting infected with COVID-19. Of course, it’s not possible to avoid public places altogether, especially if you don’t work from home. But these precautionary steps will help you stay safe during the pandemic.

Public Transportation

If possible, avoid using public transportation, like buses, trains, the subway, and similar. Public transportation is often crowded, so it’s very easy to spread bacteria and viruses. If you don’t have your own car, or if walking isn’t an option, consider riding a bike to your destination.

Gym or Fitness Center

Many people were forced to stop going to gyms or fitness centers at the beginning of the pandemic, and for a good reason. When we workout, our bodies produce more sweat, and we exhale respiratory droplets that spread easily. Instead of visiting the gym, go for a jog or work out at home.

Hospitals or Nursing Homes

In some cases, visiting hospitals and nursing homes can’t be avoided, especially if you work there. Unfortunately, these places are breeding grounds for all kinds of viruses, and it’s very easy to get infected. If possible, refrain from visiting any sort of medical institution.

Bars, Restaurants, and Cafes

While going for a cup of coffee or a nice meal is now seen as a luxury, these crowded places should still be avoided. Even though many indoor bars, restaurants, and cafes allow fewer customers to enter, you never know when you will find yourself in a room full of people.


Even though avoiding elevators might seem excessive, it’s a wise idea. If you’re incapable of walking to your floor, at least avoid directly touching the buttons and always take the elevator alone. In fact, you should stay clear of any small confined spaces.

Stay Safe

The best way to stay safe during the pandemic is to avoid going to crowded indoor places or outdoor places where social distancing isn’t possible. As always, staying home is advised.

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