Avoid These Life-Shortening Habits

There are plenty of easily recognizable bad habits that can shorten your lifespan. Some that come to mind are smoking, excessive drinking, and eating way too much junk food. Most people know these things aren’t conducive to a long and healthy life.

However, there are other habits that you may not realize could be taking years off your life. Here are a few bad habits you should eliminate to ensure you remain healthier longer.


Most of us are no strangers to procrastination. Putting things off until the last minute isn’t wise. Doing so can add unnecessary stress which can have adverse health conditions. Putting off seeing a doctor, even for routine checkups, can take years off your life. Early diagnosis of diseases or health issues is key to having a long life.

People Pleasing

People-pleasers generally put the needs of others above their own. This can lead to not properly taking care of yourself. Peer pressure and giving in to please others can lead to poor life decisions such as overdrinking, smoking, or eating excessive junk or fast foods.

Poor Attitude

Having a negative attitude can contribute to a decline in mental health. Constant negative thinking can lead to poor life decisions such as not exercising or eating properly.

Lack of Proper Exercise

Living a sedentary lifestyle won’t extend your life and will, in fact, do the opposite. Those who don’t engage in proper exercise are more likely to die earlier than those who have an active lifestyle. Being inactive can lead to issues like obesity and diabetes.

Lengthen Your Life by Breaking Bad Habits

Bad lifestyle habits such as not exercising, having a negative approach to life, and putting things off can take years off your life. Fortunately, once they’re recognized, these habits are easily broken.

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