Avoid Getting Belly Fat During This Holiday Season

The holiday season is when we let go of some of our healthiest habits to indulge in exquisite traditional food and drinks. However, the excess will leave us with undesirable belly fat that may result in health issues we’ve been trying to avoid all year.

Here are some eating and drinking habits to help you stay healthy during the holidays.

Choose Healthy Dishes

When filling your plate, ensure half is full of fruit and vegetable dishes, which are high in fiber. Studies show that a diet rich in fiber helps lose weight, hence abdominal fat.

Watch How Much Alcohol You Drink

There is nothing wrong with toasting with a cocktail. However, alcohol consumption has been linked to abdominal weight for some people. This season, you can try limiting the amount of alcohol and start the new year without adding to the waistline.

When It Is Time for Dessert

A big part of your potential belly fat is linked to the consumption of refined carbs, which are present in some of the most traditional desserts. While avoiding them altogether is unnecessary, you can make some smart choices. Split the portions in half, or choose desserts with natural sweeteners like fruit.

Make Protein Your Priority

Studies show that diets high in protein are linked to less fat in the abdominal area. Many holiday dishes include ingredients high in quality protein, such as fish, meats, eggs, and dairy products.

Try to Relax and Enjoy the Holidays

A 2011 study showed that a reduction in the production of stress hormones leads to weight loss and fat reduction in the abdominal area.

The holidays are to celebrate and spend time with loved ones, pause from a stressful routine, and have fun. Pair that with healthy eating habits, and you’ll start the new year on a high note.

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