According to Doctors, You Should Steer Clear of These Vitamins

Taking vitamins and supplements remains a hot topic in the medical community. While vitamins can be beneficial, they can also have various negative side effects.

Keep reading to learn which vitamins experts suggest you should avoid.

Supplement Regulation

Medical experts advise only taking supplements with a USP seal. It indicates the product is contaminant-free and contains the exact substances listed on the packaging.

While the FDA regulates over-the-counter and prescription medication, it doesn’t have strict guidelines for dietary supplements. Because it doesn’t test the efficacy and safety of these products, they may contain ingredients not listed on the packaging or have harmful side effects.

Supplements You Should Avoid

Male Enhancement Supplements

Men sometimes feel insecure about erectile dysfunction and choose to solve the problem with dietary supplements. While commercials pitch these products as natural remedies, they are often full of contaminants and ingredients the manufacturer hasn’t listed on the label.

When the supplements contain traces of pharmaceutical drugs, they can lead to a medical reaction and have adverse side effects.

Bodybuilding Supplements

Pre- and post-workout supplements are usually marketed as products that increase strength, muscle mass, and endurance. But many are packed with caffeine and sometimes contain anabolic steroids or stimulant drugs. The negative effects of bodybuilding supplements include tremors, nausea, and heart problems. In extreme cases, they may lead to death.

Vitamin B17

While some companies market vitamin B17 as a natural cancer remedy, research has produced little evidence it’s an effective cancer treatment.

The body converts this vitamin into hydrogen cyanide, which is toxic. Its side effects, including death, are well-documented.

Talk to a Professional

If you want to improve your health, talk to your healthcare provider about the best ways to address nutrient deficiencies. Instead of taking supplements, they may recommend various positive lifestyle changes.

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