A Chef’s Guide to 9 Essential Foods

Knowing which foods to prioritize when grocery shopping can be challenging. Here are the 9 essential foods that professionals think you should always have in your kitchen.


While the trademark taste of onions may not be favored by everyone, there are ways to enhance their flavor by slow-burning caramelization or adding dried or fresh seasonings.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a standard for many chefs around the world. With this condiment, you can add flavor to a solid number of easy-to-make dishes. Always keep one bottle of quality olive oil in your cupboard.


You can make a bunch of well-rounded meals with eggs. They’re the number one source of protein to have in the refrigerator.

Canned Tomatoes

Just like the items above, canned tomatoes are versatile. They can serve as the “centerpiece” in tomato soup or complement other ingredients.


Honey isn’t just a versatile sweetener that will last for years in your cupboard, it can also serve as a natural remedy for various ailments such as hangovers and coughs.


Garlic has a distinctive flavor that can enhance the taste of a wide range of dishes, from pasta sauces to pastries.


Being both affordable and available all year round, bananas are a great option as a natural sweetener in various recipes such as smoothies and yogurts.


Of course, you don’t need a pantry stocked with a dozens of grain varieties. However, it’s nice to have options such as nutty quinoa or quick-cooking white rice at hand.

Kosher Salt

Kosher salt has lower salinity per gram, reducing the risk of oversalting your food, especially when compared to table salt and sea salt.

A Chef’s Recommendation

Having the items listed above in your kitchen ensures that you’ll never run out of meal ideas with the ingredients readily available.

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