7 Signs You Need to Lower Your Sugar Intake

Having a sweet snack from time to time usually can’t hurt, but it’s hard to keep your sugar intake in check. If you eat too much sugar, you risk heart problems, diabetes, and many other conditions. The key to staying healthy is to lower your sugar intake if you notice these 7 signs:

Sign No. 1 – Energy Ebbs and Flows

If your energy randomly drops and rises, it could be due to high sugar intake. More specifically, if you experience hyperactivity followed by fatigue, it might be time to eat less sugar.

Sign No. 2 – Bad Teeth

Sugar is one of the main causes of cavities and tooth decay. If you notice any of the two, consider reducing your sugar consumption.

Sign No. 3 – Sugar Craving

Too much sugar can lead to blood sugar crashes and spikes. Whenever you experience a crash, you probably also crave sugar, indicating you should decrease the intake.

Sign No. 4 – Chronic Pain

Sugar is an inflammatory ingredient. As such, it can cause chronic pain in various body parts.

Sign No. 5 – Elevated Blood Pressure

Another problem with sugar is that it inhibits nitric oxide, which keeps your blood pressure in check. Therefore, inordinate amounts of sugar can result in high blood pressure.

Sign No. 6 – Weight Gain

High sugar intake makes your body expect more sugar. To satisfy the craving, you eat more sugar and gain weight in the process.

Sign No. 7 – Constant Hunger

Sugar has no real nutrients (e.g., fiber, healthy fats, and proteins). That’s why you may often feel hungry after eating lots of it.

Be Smart About Your Sugar Intake

Moderation is key to staying healthy, especially when it comes to sugar. If you notice any of these signs, reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. Your body will thank you.

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