6 Costco Foods That Help Weight Loss

The name Costco may call to mind slices of pizza or the delicious if unhealthy delights of their food court. But the retailer also stocks foods and snacks that can keep you healthy and help with weight loss.

Here are six recommendations for your next visit.

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits

Everybody needs a good start to their day. These biscuits made with whole grains and slow-release carbs provide sustained energy. While there is some added sugar, each pack contains only 230 calories.

Trader Joe’s Bagged Salad Kits

A healthy diet should always include a healthy supply of vegetables. Trader Joe’s salad kits come pre-packed with pre-cut vegetables, assorted toppings, and dressing. It’s healthy and a time saver. Add some healthy proteins, and some slow-release carbs to make it a complete meal.

Seabear Wild Sockeye & King Smoked Salmon Filet Duo

Fatty food may make you hesitate, but meats rich in omega-3 fats are good not only for your heart, but also your waistline. Fish is significantly better for weight loss than red meat, and you need to keep up with your proteins after all.

Parm Crisps Snack Mix

Everyone craves a snack every now and then. Best to answer the craving with something healthy. Parm Crisps Snack mix is a healthy blend of assorted nuts split into smaller packages to stave off temptation. At 250 calories, it’s a bit more than your average health snack but provides a good source of protein and fiber.

Kirkland Seaweed

Seaweed is a truly versatile food. Eat it as a snack, sprinkle it over salads, and enjoy it with rice. It’s also an excellent source of protein, fiber, and vitamins, particularly Vitamin D and B12. Both of which are rare in plant foods. Each serving is only 20 calories.

Campbell’s Simply Chicken Noodle Soup

This broth-based soup brings both protein and lower calories to your meal, coming to only 220 calories per can. Add your own carbs to round it out.

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