5 Unhealthy Protein Sources You Should Try to Avoid

When it comes to unhealthy protein sources, there’s only one thing you need to understand: the underlying reason to avoid these meats. What might that underlying reason be, you ask? Well, there are two: sodium and saturated fat. Both of which may promote heart disease.

Let’s review five of the unhealthiest protein sources to avoid:

Canned Meats

Taking the number No.1 spot on this list is canned meat. Apart from having high process levels, you can expect canned meats to have high levels of saturated fat and sodium. A few examples of these would include canned ham, sausages, and corned beef.

Organ Meat

You always hear about how good liver is for you. Moreover, people love to claim that organ meat is very good for the body. While this is true for the most part, organ meat like liver can be fatty and is also high in cholesterol, not the good kind.

Processed Chicken or Turkey

Who doesn’t love chicken nuggets with ranch sauce? Or a helping of turkey sausage for a healthy breakfast. Truth be told, there are very high levels of sodium in these types of meat. Similarly, chicken nuggets fall into the same category.

Smoked Meats

Manufacturers use sodium in the brine solution and also during the smoking process. So, you might love smoked turkey or chicken, but with such high levels of sodium, it’s not worth it.

Luncheon Meats

It’s sad but true: luncheon meats have high sodium levels. Even though they are prevalent in most kitchens, it’s not a good option for you or your family.

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