5 Typical Evening Habits That Could Be Causing Your Weight Gain

If keeping your weight in check is becoming tricky, you might have slipped into a few bad bedtime habits that are making the problem worse.

Here are five common examples everyone should try to avoid.

Not Eating Dinner

Some people assume that skipping dinner is a handy way to lose weight. However, it doesn’t work that way. If you don’t eat dinner, your body will simply respond by making you feel hungrier the next morning, which can make you consume more calories than needed.

Eating Very Late

Skipping dinner is bad, but eating dinner too late isn’t the best move, either. If you eat late, it can disrupt your sleep patterns and lead to weight gain. Your body needs time before sleeping to digest the food, so make sure to eat at least a few hours before bed.

Using Your Phone in Bed

Scrolling through social media or responding to a few messages before sleep might seem perfectly innocent. However, this bad habit could be harming your sleep quality, as well as making you more likely to stay up late, snack, and gain weight.

A Poor Sleep Schedule

If you don t get enough sleep, your body can’t carry out a number of key processes. This can cause hormonal imbalances and a slower metabolic rate. Both of which may contribute toward weight gain. Try to get a regular seven to eight hours sleep every night.

Too Many Snacks

This one’s pretty obvious, but still worth keeping in mind. If you eat lots of snacks in the evening, especially unhealthy snacks like cookies and candy, you’re much more likely to gain weight. All those calories add up and convert to fat as you sleep.

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