5 Symptoms That Indicate Artery Disease

Coronary artery disease, or CAD for short, occurs when there’s a narrowing or a blockage in a person’s coronary arteries. CAD is usually the result of plaque buildup. It’s also the most common heart disease. If neglected, it can cause heart attack or heart failure.

Here are the five signs that indicate that you’re suffering from artery disease.

Sensitivity to Cold

People suffering from CAD often have trouble with temperature regulation. The skin of someone suffering from artery disease will most likely be cold to the touch. It can also be pale. Sensitivity is also a major factor in CAD. People suffering from this illness are highly sensitive to low temperatures.

Nails Growing Slowly

Another noticeable symptom of CAD is slow-growing nails. Once you cut your nails, it’ll take some time before they grow back. They might also appear discolored.

Arm Pain

Severe arm pain and numbness are common symptoms of CAD. This happens due to artery blockages that are supposed to supply blood to your arms. Moreover, if you’re already diagnosed with Raynaud’s disease, this can contribute to a feeling of numbness.

Fatigue and Shortness of Breath

Due to narrowing and blockages, your heart isn’t able to pump enough blood that the body needs. This can result in feeling constant fatigue and even shortness of breath.

Chest Pain

The last symptom is severe chest pains. The person will most likely feel tightness or pressure inside their chest. It’s often described like someone standing on your chest. The pain usually occurs in the middle or on the left side.

Artery Disease Signals

Coronary artery disease is a serious heart condition, and it occurs when plaque builds up. The key to treating it is noticing the signs in time. For instance, if you have constant chest and arm pain, shortness of breath, or you’re sensitive to cold, there’s a high likelihood that you’re suffering from CAD.

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