5 Super Supplements to Strengthen Your Immune System

Viruses. Bacteria. Infections. They can wreak havoc on the body. Fortunately, your built-in defenses, otherwise known as the immune system, help to fight them off and keep you happy and healthy.

Here are five supplements to power up your immune system.

Vitamin D

You can get vitamin D from spending time in the sun. But during the winter, or in dark and cloudy locations, vitamin D levels tend to run low. Studies show that taking a supplement can help people catch fewer colds and similar infections.


Colostrum is the thick, milky, nutrient-rich substance made by new moms right after giving birth. You can take it in supplement form, sourced from dairy cows, and it’s packed full of immunoglobulins to improve immune response.


By far one of the best minerals for immune health, zinc has been proven to keep the immune system running smoothly. It’s found in many common foods, such as eggs and beans, but you might not get enough in your diet. In that case, a zinc supplement could be the answer.


Probiotics, sometimes known as good or friendly bacteria, are live microorganisms that can improve digestive health. And experts have linked digestive health with immune health. For that reason, consuming more probiotics can help with your immune responses, as well as your ability to process food.

Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Adaptogenic mushrooms offer an array of benefits, from helping people get to sleep to strengthening the immune system. They work by helping the body manage stress – and one of the biggest sources of bodily stress is when germs get into your system.

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