5 Signs of Dementia Many Miss

The World Health Organization, or WHO, discovered that more than 55 million dementia cases had been recorded, and the disease is ranked seventh among the deadliest diseases worldwide. Our brains should be kept in perfect health, as the problems of poor brain conditions are dangerous. Here are five signs of dementia people may miss.

Language Change

Dementia can change a person’s cognitive patterns, and their memories are affected enough to stop them from finding the right words. If your loved one’s speech patterns are changing radically, you should take note.

Poor Problem Solving

Cognitive decline can make a person’s problem-solving skills decline. They may struggle to complete simple math problems or provide a rational decision in the face of non-mathematical issues, such as cooking meals.

Difficulties in Judging Distance

Healthy people have no trouble judging distances, but dementia can make this task difficult, especially when we take this skill for granted. Those with dementia can misjudge distances or move awkwardly.


When patients struggle to complete tasks they used to handle without thinking, they can develop anxiety since they don’t enjoy these unwanted changes. The slower mental processing speeds can have devastating effects on the psyche.


Like anxiety, constant failure to perform daily tasks can lead to depression. It may accompany anxiety or surface alone.

Don’t Miss These

If your loved ones display one or more of these signs, having them seen by a medical professional for a checkup is best. Early dementia detection allows for quick intervention, and patients can undergo treatment to preserve their cognitive abilities. It’s also better to prevent the disease by having a healthy lifestyle.

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