5 Drinks That Stain Your Teeth

5 Drinks That Stain the Teeth

A tasty beverage can help you feel relaxed or cool off after a long day at work. However, some of these drinks will directly induce teeth stains and otherwise pigment your pearly whites. Here are five examples that can cause unsightly stains.


Many people enjoy a cup of coffee in the middle of the day, while others need it to stay awake. Regardless of the reason, coffee contains chromogens that stain your teeth. The tannins in coffee even make it easier for teeth to stain.


Tea might not seem as apparent as coffee as a teeth stainer, but in truth, it stains your teeth easier. It has extra tannins that outperform what coffee can do.

To alleviate this, try adding milk to the tea. This trick uses the natural casein in milk, effectively preventing tannins from binding to teeth surfaces.


The juices of berries are colorful and contain rich pigments that stick to your teeth. If you don’t deal with the stains, they’ll only stay for the long run.

A solution is to chew on crunchy greens, such as lettuce and celery. These foods will scrub your teeth and get rid of the stains.

Sodas and Other Energy Drinks

These acidic beverages already soften the enamel, allowing pigments to penetrate deeper and stay. In addition, they make your dentin visible, which is naturally darker than the enamel.

While it’s better to limit consumption, using a straw can help reduce the contact between your teeth and these drinks.


Wine is also highly acidic, and white wine is more potent than red. Thankfully, your body is designed to counter this by buffering the mouth. Waiting for 30 minutes after drinking wine and brushing your teeth is an excellent solution.

Maintaining Your Pearly Whites

All of these drinks may be essential parts of your life, but they also lead to stubborn stains. You can use some of the solutions above to prevent losing that pearly white sheen. Even so, we believe that moderation is crucial.

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