5 Best Probiotic Rich Kefirs

Kefir is a drinkable yogurt that comes from Eastern Europe. Known for its high protein content, Kefir has about 10 different probiotic strains which help keep your immune and digestive systems healthy. It also provides your daily dose of calcium, B vitamins, and potassium. Most kefir has no added sugar so you can add fruit or nuts for more flavor.

Read on to discover 5 of the best probiotic rich kefirs.

Maple Hill Organic Whole Milk Plain Kefir

This brand of kefir is great for marinades and salad dressing. Due to the healthy fats it’s got a creamy texture. It also has more Omega 3s and CLA than regular milk which gives it a richer flavor.

Lifeway Helios Greek Kefir

This is a fat free Greek kefir and has seven probiotic cultures and 16 grams of protein. You can use it as a lower calorie substitute for buttermilk while you’re baking.

Green Valley Creamery Organic Low-Fat Plain Kefir

This one is lactose free because the lactase enzyme is added to the organic milk and cream before it is cultured.

Lifeway Perfect12 Kefir Key Lime Pie

This will give you a tangy sweet choice. Probiotic blends are injected with natural key lime flavors and calorie free stevia.

Lifeway Low-Fat Kefir Plain

This is a low-fat kefir so you can add fruits or any other topping choice. It has 12 strains of probiotics and 30% of your daily calcium. This would work great for a smoothie bowl.

Gut Health

Kefir is like Greek yogurt, as it’s naturally acidic and tart. It’s a great health supplement to your daily diet. If you’ve recently had an illness, drinking kefir is the ideal way to restore your gut balance.

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