4 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Help You Lose Love Handles and Sculpt Your Midsection

Love handles appear due to the consumption of more calories than you’re burning. They can also be a genetic predisposition in people who naturally carry more fat around their stomachs. Love handles are a form of stomach fat (visceral fat) that can inflame your internal organs and trigger some degenerative diseases.

Read on to learn about four lifestyle changes to help you lose your love handles.

Reduce Your Calories

Eating less food requires a high level of discipline. For you to attain this, you must choose healthier foods with fewer calories and change the size of your dinner plate. Instead of a large dinner plate, serve your meals in a small bowl. Even if you fill it to the brim, you’ll still consume fewer calories per meal than before. If you do this habitually, you’ll shrink your love handles faster.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

If you regularly drink beers and sodas, you only add calories that broaden your midsection. A cocktail of drinks is even worse as it contains excess sugar and unhealthy additives. Sodas can cause blood glucose spikes that may eventually trigger health problems. If you must take a soda, try a low-calorie product like OLIPOP. Likewise, avoid alcohol for a few weeks to boost your metabolism.

Workout Consistently

If you eat a portion-controlled diet and exercise regularly, you could melt your love handles faster. Jogging is okay, but it isn’t sufficient when trying to lose love handles. Consider running on a treadmill two to three times a week. Additionally, try fat-burning exercises that target your abdominal muscles. For instance, you can do abdominal workouts a few times every week to avoid cramping.

Chew Slowly

Most people who suffer from indigestion, gas, and bloating eat their food too fast. Try and breathe gradually and deeply about ten times before eating to calm your nerves. Concentrate on chewing slowly and enjoying every bite. If you relax before eating, you can choose healthier foods, the right portions, and lose belly fat and love handles.

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