4 Signs Your Blood Sugar Is Dropping Fast

While blood sugar spikes are typically perceived as very dangerous, low blood sugar can also adversely affect your body in the long run. Low blood sugar levels can cause various problems with your nervous, digestive, and circulatory systems if left untreated. For this reason, it’s crucial to recognize signs that your blood sugar is dropping and take the necessary steps to bring the level back to a normal range.

1. Heart Palpitations or Irregular Heart Rate

Heart palpitations and irregular heart rates are one of the most obvious symptoms of low blood sugar. If you notice a fluttering or pounding feeling in your chest or experience rapid heart rate, it might be best to check your blood sugar levels.

2. Shakiness or Sweating

Low blood sugar levels can cause your body to release a hormone called epinephrine. This hormone can provide a few early warning signs that your sugar levels are plummeting, including inexplicable shakiness and sweaty palms.

3. Irregular Appetite

When your blood sugar drops suddenly, your body’s fight-or-flight response can be triggered. This physiological state can encourage your body to put eating on hold temporarily. As a result, you might lose interest in a meal, even if you feel hungry. Interestingly, low blood sugar can also cause immense hunger. Therefore, any drastic appetite changes can be a cause for concern.

4. Lightheadedness and Dizziness

Blood sugar is essential for proper brain function. So, if your glucose levels fall below the normal range, you might feel weak or dizzy.

Consult a Doctor

Although some quick fixes can help you boost your blood sugar instantly, a visit to a physician is necessary to deal with the underlying cause of this issue. They can determine whether medication is necessary to control your blood levels or if some dietary changes will do the trick.

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