4 Scientific Health Benefits of Bell Peppers

Peppers are vegetables that complement a wide range of meals. From pizzas to salads and snacks, you can prepare them easily while enjoying the light taste and multiple nutrients this vegetable contains. While bell peppers shouldn’t be your only source of nutrition, they can be a valuable boost to your diet. Read on to discover the healthy things bell peppers can do.

A Source of Vitamin B6

B6 is a vitamin essential to the human body for elevating and stabilizing mood. It lowers the risk of depression, and you might be surprised to hear that a single bell pepper can supply you with 35% of your daily B6 vitamin intake. While this is far from a way to treat depression fully, it can help alleviate specific symptoms, according to this study.

Bell Peppers Can Help with Lowering Blood Pressure

Those with high blood pressure have a more significant risk of heart disease. Eating the right foods is essential for combating symptoms such as headaches and shortness of breath. While bell peppers can’t heal the condition alone, they can reduce the risk of heart disease and provide anti-inflammatory benefits. The reason being, they contain a pigment known as quercetin which doubles as a potent antioxidant when ingested.

Bell Peppers Might Help with Immunity

Bell peppers can be a powerful food ally in strengthening your immunity because of their high amounts of vitamin A. It’s unclear why sufficient vitamin A helps immune strength, but many scientists speculate that a deficiency leads to poor absorption of other nutrients. Since bell peppers are packed with vitamins, they can protect you against many infections and diseases.

Boosting Your Metabolism

Due to capsanthin, bell peppers are beneficial for boosting your metabolism. According to this study, scientists suggest capsanthin has anti-inflammatory properties and can lead to weight loss. However, it’s worth noting that bell peppers aren’t the only vegetable with this particular nutrient. They’re found in chilies and paprika as well.

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