11 Snacks Bad for Your Gut

Keeping your gut healthy should be one of your priorities. A healthy gut can help your immune system combat diseases and improve your overall mood.

A great way to promote gut health is to stop consuming these 11 foods.

1 – Sodas

Sodas are notoriously unhealthy for your organism, especially the gut. The abundance of sugar in these beverages can wreak havoc on the good bacteria in your body.

2 – French Fries

No fatty food is good for your gut, which is why French fries are on this list.

3 – Candy

Candy is a heavily processed food with little-to-no nutrients. It can increase your energy, but it also disrupts your bacterial microbiome.

4 – Pork Rinds

The exorbitantly high fat content of pork rinds makes them a no-go for gut health.

5 – Potato Chips

Don’t think we bear a grudge against just one form of fried potatoes. Potato chips are just as harmful as French fries by slowing your digestion.

6 – Refined Wheat Crackers

These snacks are delicious, but they’re also packed with preservatives and other harmful substances that can endanger healthy bacteria.

7 – Sugar-free Sweets

Just because some sweets are sugar-free doesn’t mean they’re healthy. In fact, they’re bad for your gut since they disrupt good microbiome function and are associated with weight gain.

8 – Deli Turkey and Ham

Deli snacks, such as Deli turkey and ham, are processed foods that can increase the risk of many gut conditions.

9 – Bologna

Bologna is another processed food that can disrupt your microbiome.

10 – Snack cakes

Snack cakes are cram full of sugar, which makes you more susceptible to gut inflammation.

11 – Commercial Cookies

Like crackers, commercial (store-bought) cookies are detrimental to your gut health.

Stay Away From Bad Snacks

Maintaining a healthy gut mainly comes down to your diet. If you can reduce or remove these foods from your menu, your gut will be grateful.

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