Progressive Democrats Can Stunt America’s Growth

More and more Democrats are advocating socialist policies like the Green New Deal, even though they know they have no place in the U.S. At a glance, their initiatives are about equality, free healthcare, and a cleaner environment, but what’s beneath the surface of their agenda?

What Do Progressive Democrat Agendas Really Hold for Americans?

Democrats’ progressive policies can be incredibly detrimental to U.S. citizens:


Under the guise of the Green New Deal and Medicare-for-all, Democrats embrace the same economic policies that have stifled liberties and impoverished many nations – socialism. By increasing government spending, they also raise inflation and make Americans poorer. The effect can compound today, now that the entire world is undergoing massive crises.

Less Freedom

Democrats want to promote cleaner environments by encouraging people to hand over the reins of their lives to the government. This goes against the principles of the founding fathers and prevents Americans from making the most of their right to liberty. The more power a government has, the more oppressive the regime is.

Taking Away Livelihoods

The key to Democrats’ plans to reverse climate change is to raise people’s awareness of their impact on the environment. More specifically, they want to discourage farmers from breeding cattle because it pollutes the air. While this may slow down the contamination, it would strip many agricultural families of their livelihoods.

Ulterior Motives Galore

Everyone wants to breathe healthier air and have better access to healthcare. However, Democrats want to achieve this at the cost of people’s liberties. They paper over failed socialist policies with social media campaigns and bumper-sticker slogans to make them more attractive.

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